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The Lawson Building East is located in downtown Roanoke, one block from the Historic Market District and directly across from the Norfolk & Western East End Rail Road Shops. Despite its proximity to downtown, this area of Southeast Roanoke has traditionally been an industrial and warehousing district. Signs of its revitalization, however, are becoming more apparent: in particular, the opening of the new Taubman Museum of Art directly to the west signals change in a district poised to become Roanoke’s fastest growing.

Roanoke has earned the nickname “Star City of the South” by being the recreational, cultural and business hub of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The nickname is also attributed to the iconic Roanoke Star, which sits atop Mill Mountain and overlooks the entire region.

The region boasts a unique railroad heritage, serving as home to the Virginia Museum of Transportation and its incredible collection of locomotives. The surrounding cities and counties that make up the Roanoke Valley host more festivals and cultural events than any place west of Richmond, and there’s a vibrant nightlife scene that continues to grow.

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With an outstanding offering of cultural activities and outdoor opportunities, the only difficult decision will be figuring out which things you won’t have time to enjoy during your visit – from a relaxing time at the spa to the excitement of live sporting events or a shopping spree, it’s all part of the fun in Virginia’s Blue Ridge!

Allegheny properties are steps away from the finest Roanoke has to offer, including Elmwood Park, more than thirty restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, the City Farmer’s Market, Mill Mountain Theatre, Roanoke Children’s Theater, the world-class Jefferson Center…the list goes on. That, and the fact that your views might include such iconic landscapes as the nearby Taubman Museum of Art, The Hotel Roanoke or the Mill Mountain Star, allow us to say confidently: city life just doesn’t get any better than this.

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